Fashion Week Istanbul

Fashion weeks are of great importance for the development of the fashion industry, for new designers to prove themselves, and for big brands to guide the trends.

Thanks to these events, where the eyes of the world are on, new designers and new brands have the opportunity to reach large audiences. Welcoming people from many different parts of the world as participants, editors, buyers and viewers, fashion weeks are also very important for the promotion of the country and the city, apart from the fashion industry. Therefore, it has an undeniable value in terms of tourism and economy.

You have the opportunity to observe the very active processes where the population of the city increases and only fashion is spoken, which is very beneficial for the sector. Even breathing the same air as the world-famous names at the top of the industry takes you one click.

The fashion weeks that take place in Istanbul continue to exist by developing more and more every year. The support of brands such as “Mercedes Benz” is very important in this continuity and development. The increase in such brands and supports further accelerates the development of the organization. In this sense, it is necessary to encourage big brands to sponsor such sponsorships. Fashion weeks serve the development of the fashion industry and therefore many dynamics such as economy, tourism and globalization. This awareness should be embraced and it should be understood that fashion weeks are not entertainment, but professional business for many people.

Sponsoring fashion weeks in many different cities, Mercedes-Benz creates wonders with the fashion show areas it creates. Thanks to the development of social media and online magazines, it is now possible to watch fashion shows live. Even if you can't be there, you can keep up with the developments by following fashion shows, street fashion and many events online. If you want to take part in this sector and progress, be sure to follow it. Know brands, creative directors; Evaluate the concept of the fashion shows, what they tell, from which period they were inspired, by taking into account the hair-make-up and accessories. Then compare this assessment with the professional assessments made. Y our perspective, your perception has improved; maybe you will see that you have assimilated many details that you tried to memorize by getting bored without realizing it.

If you want to get to know Istanbul fashion week better, click here.

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