Turkish Health System

High quality health services are provided in Turkey.

With the provision "Everyone has the right to social security" in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Turkey, which is a social state, provides access to health services for all its citizens. Both public and private health services are easily accessible and affordable.

Revolutionary steps taken in the field of health as well as in many other fields in Turkey in recent years have made Turkey stand out in health services across the world. While the health infrastructure was rapidly improved, the bed capacity was increased with the newly opened health centers. The increase in the number of physicians specializing in different fields with the modernization of medical education has increased Turkey's level of expertise in many new fields, from eye and heart surgery to aesthetics.

High service quality; Being able to reach 1.5 billion people in 3 different continents within a 4-hour flight distance, its geographical and strategic location and temperate climate make Turkey stand out in the field of health worldwide.

One of the most important factors that brings Turkey to the top in health services is the expertise and experience of physicians. With the effect of the general understanding and the education system in Turkey, the first choice of intelligent and successful students is usually medical faculties. On the other hand, due to the population density and structure, the number and diversity of cases encountered by doctors in their fields of expertise is quite high compared to many developed countries. This increases the opportunity for "on-the-job training" for doctors and provides an opportunity for significant experience. These two cases ensure the high quality of medical personnel in Turkey.

We can summarize the points that make Turkey a center of attraction in health services and provide advantages compared to other countries:

• Health service above world standards
• Strong health technology infrastructure and high bed capacity
• Number of accredited health institutions and organizations
• Number of specialist physicians in different fields
• Advanced technology treatment methods
• Competitive price level
• Personalized treatment methods
• Foreign language speaking service personnel
• Short waiting times
• Complementary and alternative medicine opportunities in addition to traditional medicine methods

All these features attract tourists visiting the country for health purposes or people who want to maintain a healthy life after retirement and benefit from high quality health services.

Turkey has made a name for itself in the world with its 42 private hospitals in 13 countries. The number of Turkish hospitals in the world rises to 54 with the Republic of Turkey building and gifting hospitals to 12 countries.

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